Jubilee Community Arts and Tennessee Folklore Society announce the release of the CD

The Carawan Recordings

Children's author May Justus performs ballads and folk songs, stories, children's songs and games remembered from her childhood in Cocke County.  From fields recordings made by Guy Carawan in 1953 and 1961 with notes by Guy Carawan, May Justus and Bene Scanlon Cox.

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From the cradle to the grave the folk song was part of the pattern of the mountain culture of the people I knew.  Near the old church was the graveyard where my kinfolks and friends were buried.  The funeral songs that we sang by heart still sound in my inner ear: "There's a Land That Is Fairer Than Day," "The Beautiful Home of the Soul," "Hark from the Tomb a Doleful Sound," and "Asleep in Jesus."  My grandmother's coffin was made by her friends from walnut wood, well seasoned, and it was drawn to its resting place by a team of oxen.  It was this grandmother who brought from England early in the past century the ballads and folk tales that my own mother knew.  These I remember, these I shall always treasure.  As a mountain singer once said to me: "There's nothing so lasty as a song."
-- May Justus, CD notes

Track Listing
1. Old Maid's Song
2. There Lived an Old Lord
3 Oh Jerusalem
4.Somebody Stole My Old Coon Dog
5.What'll We Do wiht the Baby-O
6.Hush Little Baby
7. Comments on the Songs
8. Jesus Our Brother
9. Go Tell it On the Mountain
10. Riddle Song
11. Wondrous Love
12. Old Man Lived Under the Hill
13. Fair and Tender Ladies
14. Paper of Pins

15. Comments on Church and Spirituals
16. How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours
17. Where are the Hebrew Children
18. Comments on Dancing and Play Parties
19. Dollar, Dollar
20. I'm As Free a Little Bird As I Can Be
21. Fiddler's Fair
22. Barbara Allen
23. Here Come Three Dukes A-riding
24. No Home, No Home
25. Some Like the Country
26. One, Two, Three
27. Cookies
28. Dear Christian Friends

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May Justus, The Carawan Recordings
Produced by the Tennessee Folklore Society and Jubilee Community Arts,  this recording is almost fifty years in the making.  The 1961 recordings were originally produced as an LP by Guy Carawan but never released.  Subsequently Brent Cantrell, Charles Wolfe, Paul Wells, Paul McCoy, Evan Hatch and Roby Cogswell contributed to production.  CD Notes

Copies are available for $15 each plus $2.50 shipping and handling
payable to Jubilee Community Arts, 1538 Laurel Ave., Knoxville, TN, 37916

For more information contact Brent Cantrell at (865) 522-5851 or info @ tennesseefolklore.org and see http://www.tennesseefolklore.org/